The Wedding Singer at Silhouette Stages — Crystal Track/Tina Turner/Ensemble

The ensemble is chock-a-block with triple-threat talent, including blending perfect harmonies for outstanding sounds. A prime example of Sergo’s work with these talented individuals comes during “Casualty of Love”, which features the Robbie Hart character and four ensemble members— Erin Branigan, Patrick Gray, Nick Thompson, Rowena Winkler— decrying their loathing for love and all of its hazards in up-tempo lyrical dissonance. 

Amanda N. Gunther, Theatre Bloom

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at The Colonial Players, December 2019 — Co-Director

Erica Miller and Rowena Winkler do a wonderful job as Directors. The actors, including the child performers, easily navigate the stage and each other. They keep the laughs coming, but also make some thoughtful points about “showing patience, love, and acceptance,” as their notes say. This seems more important today than ever. 

Charles Green, DC Metro Theater Arts

Gypsy at 2nd Star Productions, June 2019 — Miss Cratchitt/Electra*

An additional outfit which stood out was the flashing electric lights gimmick of one of the burlesque dancers, the appropriately named Electra (played by Rowena Winkler). This happens as a group of burlesque house dancers explains to Louise that striptease requires a gimmick (the musical routine “You Gotta Get a Gimmick,” which pulls out all the stops).  These gimmicks include using a blaring trumpet, cheap ballet dancing and the aforesaid flashing lights.

Matt Dreisonstok, The Prince George’s County Sentinel
*WATCH Award Nominated for Outstanding Cameo as "Electra"

Side Show at Dundalk Community Theatre, November 2018 — The Fortune Teller/Ensemble

With a talented ensemble full of vivacious individuals, it’s difficult to give them all their proper due. Look out for the Littlest Cossack (Temperance Oppel) and the ferociously optimistic and equally vocally talented Fortune Teller (Rowena Winkler).

Amanda Gunther, TheatreBloom

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at Prince George’s Little Theatre, April-May 2018 — Jolene/Ensemble & Dance Captain

With excellent comedic timing and a fabulous singing voice, Winkler really shines.

Rachel Durkin Duda, TheatreBloom

Into the Woods at Heritage Players*, November 2017 — The Witch

Rowena Winkler as the Witch is possibly the most impressive female in the show. She has the comedy and emotion down for this multifaceted character. Winkler carries herself and the character as though they had just stepped out of the pages of your favorite fairytale.

Spencer Nelson, TheatreBloom
*First Runner-Up, Ruby Griffith Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Musical (tied with Rockville Musical Theater)

Nine at Colonial Players*, April 2017 — Anabella/German Reporter/Ensemble

The ensemble is presented on multiple levels, lending interest and openness while focusing on the highlighted subjects. Every scene is perfectly staged to create access to each character — guiding the audience to a full understanding of their dynamics.

The Baltimore Sun
*Nominated for 10 WATCH Awards (including Outstanding Musical); winner of Outstanding Musical Direction