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There's More to Your Degree, Trust Me.

Life has no syllabus.

When I left the academy, I felt like a failure. I thought I was letting my department, colleagues, and mentors down and would be seen as weak.

I couldn't be further from the truth. And looking back on it now, it was probably one of the best decisions I've made in terms of my career. 

How did I do it? What options are even available?

Let's book an Academic Chat and find out.

Rowena provides exceptional personal and professional coaching and she was immensely helpful in my search for a career change. She helped me revise my resume, refine my LinkedIn profile, and focus my personal narrative and brand. While I had worked with other consultants and had read lots of advice on job market prep, Rowena's help was instrumental in me actually landing my eventual (amazing) job offer. ~ Meridith S.

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