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“With the help of my coach (because yes, coaches need coaches) we landed on my title and name — Cosmic Catalyst Coach & Realignment Strategist — per the work that I do with my clients and the transformation they will experience.

I use modalities such as Astrology, Tarot, and Human Design (the Cosmic) to help women who are feeling stuck in some way (AKA being a Catalyst). Through our work together and diving into these areas, my clients discover their authentic voice in a tangible, practical way (the Realignment).

The name of my business is Journey2Consciousness LLC, because this exploration is truly a journey but once we make these breakthroughs and wake up to our divine essence and power, the shifts are so transformative.”
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"In this book, Gilbert talks about staying curious and inspired, pushing past fear in order to step into more creative living. As entrepreneurs we are also creatives — we are putting ourselves out there and building our businesses with the same drive, motivation, and passion that emulates an artist, or a singer, or writer. And like fellow creatives, once we are in a flow state and feeling more fulfilled in what we do, we are able to step back and celebrate our masterpieces, whether that's in the form of a truly satisfied client or an ROI that shatters all expectations. With the help of Big Magic, I am empowered to tap into my innate potential, unlock the ideas I have for my business, and unleash offerings to the world through inspired, aligned action. The book is pragmatic, soulful, spiritual, and potent, and it has provided a road map, as well as the space, to think more deeply about my own entrepreneurial journey and process."

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"Don’t take things so personally — there was a time when I would get so upset over losing a follower on Instagram, or getting an email unsubscribe. What I’ve realized is this is simply making more room for my ideal audience to discover and support me. When it comes to business decisions, anything that happens that is less than ideal is simply that — a poor business decision. It has no bearing on me, who I am as a person, or my worth. I can take these things as learning experiences and move on."
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“Being a mother — especially in the time of COVID, when we’ve all experienced change and loss in many areas — has taught me the importance of not taking anything for granted, being intentional with my finances and using money to invest in ways that will provide for my family for years to come.”

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Doctoral Career Pathways Panel, University of Maryland Alumni Association

In the past, an organization could initially remain quiet and had the time to form a well put together response to the controversy. Today, social media demands a nearly instantaneous response. Nowadays, “silence translates to indifference and not caring, and that’s going to translate to a reputation fiasco,” says Winkler.

Zac Strater, San Diego State University Student