Tarot Masterclass



You Have a Tool at Your Literal Fingertips.

In 2020, I was going through some EPIC shifts. Not only was I obviously a part of the "collective retreat" called COVID-19, but I was also a new mother and a new business owner. 

I was motivated to learn and progress (per usual) but I also feeling quite lost on next steps.

That's when I decided to invest in a Tarot class, which quite frankly, has changed my life and how I conduct business.

I've used Tarot not only to help me gain clarity, but I've also used it as a tool to bring messages forward to my clients. It adds a depth to what I do like never before. And I can't wait to share my process with you.

In Exploring Your Truth with the Tarot, learn how to:

  • Find a deck (or several!) that calls out to your spirit
  • Feel more intuitively into readings, so you're not necessarily "right" or "wrong"
  • Know when it's time to pull out your deck and receive a message
  • Translate the messages from your cards to lead you/your clients to your TRUTH



Client Love 💗

Rowena is a breath of fresh air and wants to help all her clients. I felt her empathy in each session and felt that she cared about what I was saying. She shared her personal experiences to help us connect on a deeper level and give me a different viewpoint. It’s clear that Rowena loves to get to know her clients on a deeper level and has a deep passion for guiding them to answers that are right in front of them. ~ Linda P.