Pushing Past Perfectionism



Let's Talk About Perfectionism.

If we understand that no one is perfect, then why don't we give ourselves the same grace?

Well, it turns out that there's a reason why we turn into perfectionists in our adult life.

Whether’s it’s from deeply rooted cultural expectations or a strong need to always be in control, perfectionism can feel like an insurmountable task, and a HUGE burden to carry.

That’s why I’ve set up the Pushing Past Perfectionism Challenge to help us out a little bit.

Just sign up here, and you'll gain access to a PDF of resources and three videos to help you with overcoming your perfectionism journey. 

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Client Love 💗

Rowena is an absolute treasure, and a gift to recovering perfectionists. In a short time, I have learned so much about myself, in acceptance and celebration, and have regained my sense of connection that I'd lost over the past couple of years. I'm forever grateful, and am looking forward to continuing this work! Highly recommended! ~ Jess D.