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Former Blogs

I had started my blogging journey back in 2010 and have been on and off ever since. Let’s just say that my relationship with blogging has been #complicated.

Not for the sake of trying. I have always enjoyed writing blog posts, as it gave me a nice change of pace from the dry academic writing that gets me tenure but doesn’t always give me a sense of purpose. 😉 But alas, for the past several years this type of writing that I thoroughly enjoyed would never seem to make the cut when pitted against other deadlines.

With that said, my hope is to use the SSJ blog as my home base from here on out and to really, truly *try to write more* – however, I can’t bring myself to completely leave my first two blogs behind (as they have shaped who I am as a writer as much as our past lovers shape who are you as a partner, #amirite?), so here they are:

Prismatic Perspectives: My Reflections of Life as a Perpetual Student, Young Professional, and New Educator
This blog was my very first foray into writing for the online space, and although it was a bit tough to keep up while in graduate school, it was sparked by folks in the PR Twitter community who motivated me to start a blog of my own after I had commented and written guest posts for other blogs.

Rowena’s Reverb: A Reflection Back on This Past Year
This blog was created in response to the #reverb10 online initiative, which according to their website was “an annual event and online initiative to reflection on your year and manifest what’s next.” I have since used that space for Meredith Shadwill’s Cultivate January blogging challenges, as it was better for my schedule.