Where your focus goes, your energy flows.

Before I discovered Human Design, I looked at the world through a very anxious lens.

I felt different about what truly lit me up. I felt shame about getting frustrated at work. I felt worried that I'd never be content with what I have. 

But then I learned about being a 4/6 Sacral Generator, and it was the permission slip I needed to be ok with being me. That per my design, the decisions I make or the reactions I may or may not have are in accordance with what's laid out in this blueprint. That felt really, really good, as I finally felt seen. And I want you to feel that good too.

In this masterclass, I'll talk about the Energy Centers when it comes to your Human Design. Learn about how you uniquely receive and alchemize life force, and how that information can lead to your true authenticity.

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Client Love 💗

Rowena has helped me understand what it is like to be a Projector  and how I can use this information in both work and life. For example, I am no longer trying to get ahead of myself when it comes to work — I wait to be invited to opportunities before jumping in. I also now engage in conversations with my kids, my husband, and the students I teach by asking questions and coming from a curious standpoint to project and "shine a light" on the situation instead of making assumptions, and it goes really well! ~ Erica M.